Center Cork “The Journey “


Gold Package  ($140)
All-Inclusive Pass to All 3 Events

Jan.8 – Wine Body and Goals  ($30)
Center Cork Workout Session

Jan.15 – Pottery and Sip ($60)
Pottery & Wine Night

Jan.28 – Wine and Dine ($50)
Dinner & Pairing Night 

* All-inclusive admission, drinks, and food


Center Cork Presents “The Journey”

We created ‘The Journey’ to give our team of supporters 3 all-inclusive events that display the versatility of Center Cork Wines and provide a fun, enjoyable wine experience.  Wine, Body and Goals will be our first event January 8th. Our focus is to workout, meditate & relax with wine to strengthen our mental and physical health. On January 15th we will tap into our creativity by participating in a Pottery and Sip at Good Dirt Pottery Studio. Lastly, we will finish off the month on Jan 28th with our Wine & Dine night. Here we will pair entrees with Center Cork wines, listen to music and sing karaoke.
  • 3 All Inclusive Events
  • Wine, Body and Soul (Jan 8th)
  • Pottery and Sip (Jan 15th)
  • Wine and Dine (Jan 28th)


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Gold Package, Wine, Body & Goals ($30), Pottery & Sip ($60), Wine & Dine ($50)


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