Center Cork

Season Opener


Season Opener is a Red Zinfandel that at first sip has a candied fruitiness followed by an elegant tobacco spice finish. Making it a fan favorite from many!

Pop the cork. Smell the aroma. Sip our champion wine. Every bottle you open is the start of a new season and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to youth in Fresno.

This product is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Tennessee, Utah, and U.S. Virgin Islands.


Appearance: medium ruby red

Nose: ripe red and dark fruits such as strawberry, cherries, and black berries.

Palate: full bodied with brilliant flavors of dark cherries, cranberry, and black currant. Low tannin, fresh acidity, and elegant finish.

Pairing: savory lamb meatballs, beef empanadas, and Cajun shrimp tacos

Weight: 750mL